$162M to improve water distribution in Region Eight

Minister of Housing and Water, M.P, has announced that the government through the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) will be investing $162 million to improve access to potable water in Region Eight (Potaro-Siparuni).

The minister made the announcement during a recent outreach to the region.  He said new water supply systems will be established in Itabac at the cost of $48 million; Kamana, $38 million; Maikwak, $38.2 million; and Sandhill, $38.2 million. 

Minister of Housing and Water, M.P, handed over a contract to the residents of Itabac, Region Eight in the presence of Director of Hinterland Services, Ramchand Jailal

The minister said these investments are as a result of the PPP/C Administration’s commitment to ensuring 100 percent access to potable water in the hinterland regions and riverine communities by 2025.

“As a government we have committed that we will spend more money into the hinterland to ensure that we bridge the gap of potable water to all of the villages and to the households. Already, in just 18 months, we have invested over $150 million in Region Eight for new water distribution networks in various villages.”

Among the communities benefiting from new and improved water distribution systems are Monkey Mountain, $32.6 million; Kaibarupai ; $34.6 million; Taruka , $26.5 million; Kato, $20 million, and El Paso, $5.1 million.

Additionally, Minister Croal said works are ongoing in the Mahdia township to extend the distribution network to Danju Hill and Pepper Hill to provide first time access to 25 households.

Meanwhile, during the outreach, Minister Croal handed over the $47 million contract to the community of Itabac for the construction of the new water distribution system. The community, which has a population of close to 300 persons, has an existing water supply system which became dilapidated several years ago.

The scope of the Itabac project includes the drilling of a new potable water well, installation of 3,000 metres of 50mm (2″) PVC pipes and 1,500 metres of 19mm (3/4″) pipes with 60 service connections, as well as elevated storage tanks, solar panels and accessories and a photovoltaic system.

Minister Croal said the project will provide access to potable water for 95 per cent of the residents of Itabac. The contract was awarded to R. Kissoon Contracting Services.

“It signals once again that this Irfaan Ali – led government will ensure that our people, no matter where you live, no matter which mountain separates you, you are part of the development process in Guyana,” Minister Croal reiterated. 

Community Service Officers will also be trained in water systems operation and maintenance to assist in management of the systems.