170 low-income houses to be built in Great Diamond

The government will soon commence construction of 170 low-income houses in Great Diamond, East Bank Demerara, as part of efforts to provide affordable housing options for Guyanese.

Seventeen contractors will be mobilised over the coming weeks, the Ministry of Housing and Water said on Sunday.

A low-income units in Hampshire, Region Six.

According to the ministry, the contractors were taken to the area and shown their respective lots by engineers of the projects department. Each contractor was allotted 10 units each, and they were reminded of the importance of quality and efficiency.

The single flat units will feature two-bedrooms each with a toilet and bath, the ministry said. It will add to the current housing stock at the ministry, to continue to meet the demand for affordable housing for Guyanese.

Currently, more than 1,200 housing units are being constructed across Regions Three, Four, Six and Ten, targeting low and moderate-income families, as well as young professionals. Some 300 units were completed and handed over to families.

The area where the homes will be constructed.

The remaining houses are at various stages of construction and are expected to be completed this year.

More than 11,000 lots have been allocated, with an additional 14,000 to be distributed by the end of this year. Only recently, His Excellency, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali announced the development of an additional 7,000 house lots in Region Three.

The government had promised that it will allocate 50,000 houselots to Guyanese by 2025.

The PPP/C Government since assuming office in 2020 invested some $24.1 billion to advance infrastructure works in new and existing housing schemes, and deliver serviced house lots to Guyanese.