174 residents in Regions Five, Six receive steel, cement vouchers

-$29M injected in the regions’ economies through the initiative

Over 170 residents in Regions Five and Six received their cement and steel subsidy vouchers on Wednesday, as part of the government’s slew of measures to support homebuilders.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal

In Region Five, some 78 persons received their vouchers at the Regional Democratic Council (RDC), Fort Wellington.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal handing over a voucher to one of the beneficiaries

Madhuri Budhu told the Department of Public Information (DPI), “I am very happy receiving this subsidy, this will help me to complete my house…It would give my family a better opportunity to be in a home to enjoy.”

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal handing over a voucher to Charles Johnson

Harrinarine Singh, 79, said he has been looking forward to the opportunity to receive his voucher for a while now.

“I am so happy. I don’t know how much to praise the president for this…this will help my family a lot,” Singh noted.

CH&PA’s CEO, Sherwyn Greaves handing over a voucher to a beneficiary

Another beneficiary, Joshua Undell, 26, said, “This is a big move for me to start my foundation…it will mean a lot to my family.”

Regional Chairman, David Armogan handing over a voucher to beneficiary

Meanwhile, over 120 applications were submitted for the programme in Region Six. However, 96 residents received their vouchers at the RDC office in New Amsterdam.

Tarmattie Jaipersaud said she applied for the support in October last. “I am so excited. I feel very happy about it… I want to thank the government for this great initiative for me and my family.”

Cement and Steel subsidy beneficiaries

For Charles Johnson, the assistance will kickstart the construction of his house, since he acquired his land through his employer a while back.

 “I feel very good…My family will be ecstatic. This is a very good gesture to move the family from one point to another.”

A section of the gathering

Another beneficiary, Tajnauth Sookdeo said, “This is the first time in my life I am experiencing this. Right now, I am very happy. It is a start for me to propel further…I am very grateful and happy.”

Approximately $14 million will be injected into the local economy in Region Five, while another $15 million will be invested in Region Six’s economy.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal emphasised that this initiative serves as a tangible example of the government’s commitment to offering housing interventions to citizens to lessen the burden of homeownership. 

“You are part of our housing development. You are part of our trajectory of ensuring that development comes to everyone,” Minister Croal emphasised.

He noted that the government is investing heavily in the housing sector to make homeownership easier for Guyanese which includes land title distribution, low-interest rates, house lot allocation, road infrastructure, bridges, and development of new housing areas. 

To date, close to 1,000 house lots have been allocated in Region Five, while 1,300 lots have been allocated in Region Six. 

In Region Five, infrastructural works are ongoing at a cost of $3.5 billion and ome $9.2 billion in infrastructural works are ongoing in Region Six.

CHPA’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Sherwyn Greaves said the government continues to look at various measures, like these, to bring relief to Guyanese throughout the country.

More than 600 people in Regions Two, Three, Four, Six, Nine, and Ten have benefitted from the distribution of vouchers.

Under the $800 million initiative, persons constructing homes costing $6 million or less will be provided with the steel needed and one sling of cement for the construction of the foundation. For homebuilders spending $6 to $25 million, the government will provide two slings of cement.