32nd Agricultural Economics Conference seeks to attain regional Food and Nutrition Security

DPI, GUYANA, Monday, August 7, 2017

The Caribbean Agro-Economic Society is hosting the 32nd West Indies Agricultural Economics Conference in Guyana from August 07 to 12 2017. The conference is being held under the theme ‘Food and Nutrition security: The pathway to sustainable development in the Caribbean’. These meetings are being facilitated at the Ramada Georgetown Princess Hotel, Guyana.

It is expected that at the end of the conference, countries within the Caribbean region should be one step closer to attaining food and nutrition security status.  During the opening session, Minister of Agriculture, Noel Holder told attendees that the contribution made at this conference will make a difference to Caribbean agriculture.

Minister of Agriculture Noel Holder delivering the feature address at the first session of the West Indies Agricultural Economics Conference.

The Conference attracts some of the world’s most reputable Agricultural Economists. The work of these specialists is stimulated by an academic community and actual practitioners who have been significant contributors  towards increasing knowledge and best practices to increase agricultural production.

The Minister further pointed out that the hosting of the meeting shows a strong readiness and commitment as the region focuses on sustainable agricultural development.

“The Caribbean Agro-Economic Society has been a pioneer in linking agriculture and environment from an economic and policy perspective. The work of your group is timely and relevant and indeed makes a difference to stimulate regional agriculture onto the path of development. It has exhorted a tremendous influence on the activities of agricultural specialists and communities across the region as we seek to make a difference to Caribbean agriculture.” Minister Holder added.

The Caribbean Agro-Economic Society is working assiduously with countries within the region to achieve sustainable food and nutrition security. This International Conference will address crucial agricultural issues affecting food and nutrition security in the Caribbean. The agenda of this week’s meeting focuses on various approaches of correcting a range of issues hindering sustainable agriculture development.

By extension, some of the goals of this meeting as pointed out by the minister are “Attaining food and nutrition security

Participants attending the conference.

in the Caribbean including environmental challenges, improving Caribbean food and nutrition through increased utilisation of local foods, propelling Caribbean agriculture development through school feeding programmes, innovation in domestic food marketing in the Caribbean, culture food marketing climate change impacts on food security, mobilizing agriculture development through technology participation, perceptions and behavior and the impact on food security.”

Minister Holder also stated that there is a need to promote smarter growth by learning about the health and nutrition impact of agriculture development. Important steps to build up this knowledge base include investments in research, evaluation and education systems capable of integrating information from all relevant sectors.

During this week, participants will benefit from a number of presentations from representatives of various sectors throughout the Caribbean including animal health, weather and climate tourism etcetera. Participants will also enjoy a full day of field activities, explore some of the major Agricultural Industries in Guyana including the processing of Sugarcane and Rice, Artisanal Fishing, Arable Farming among other activities.


By: Delicia Haynes