$47.1M in School Grants distributed in Region Seven

Some $47,157,000 in School Grants were on Wednesday distributed to nursery, primary and secondary schools in Region Seven.

The Ministry of Education’s School Grant gives schools full autonomy to purchase their resources and empowers Headteachers to become better managers of their schools. Under the grant, teachers will be given $4,000 per child on the Coastland and $5,500 per child in the Hinterland per term. For schools with less than 56 students enrolled, a standard amount of $224,000 per term will be granted. This means teachers will no longer have to pay out-of-pocket expenses to enhance their classrooms.

While meeting with Headteachers from across the region, Deputy Chief Education Officer with responsibility for Amerindian Hinterland Education Development, Mr. Marti DeSouza said that the grant will enable teachers to deliver the curriculum in creative and innovative ways. He explained that in the interest of transparency and accountability, a list has been provided to guide teachers.

He highlighted that the Ministry of Education has been working assiduously to enhance the education sector for both teachers and students.

Meanwhile, Regional Education Officer for Region Seven, Ms. Selestine La Rose Bristol in brief remarks said the initiative is a welcome one as teachers will be able to purchase the resources needed in a timely manner.

Headteachers praised the initiative noting that it will assist teachers in ensuring their classrooms are child-friendly and lessons are delivered in innovative and creative ways.