47 Miles gets $1.9M ATV to improve emergency response, administrative operations

Persons residing at 47 Miles in Region Ten will now have a faster response to medical emergencies and see greater output by the administrative council, after receiving a new $1.9 million all-terrain vehicle (ATV).

Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai handed over the four-wheeler to the Community Development Council’s (CDC) Chairman, Maylene Couchman on Thursday.

Couchman expressed her appreciation for the fulfillment of the request made on behalf of her community.

Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai handing over the new vehicle to the CDC Chairman Maylene Couchman

“For our village, we do not have an ambulance so our emergencies will go out to Linden by private vehicle but now that we have the ATV, we will be able to go and meet the people instead of the people coming and meet us…We will be able to go and get them, bring them out and it will be faster for them to seek medical attention,” the chairman stated.

Minister Sukhai during her remarks at the community meeting

CDC Secretary, Murtland Simmons also noted that because of his experience as the community’s former ambulance driver, he is happy that the ATV will improve emergency response in the village.

“If they have to go to the river to check on any patient out there, we should be able to move around the health worker…Also because we have people travelling from place to place when they get into an accident we have to go and give some support to them. So, it will be very useful for us,” Simmons disclosed.

$1.9 million ATV handed over to 47 Mile Village

Meanwhile, resident Arthur Bowen shared similar sentiments, noting that the vehicle is timely and will effectively support the daily operations of the village.

Minster Sukhai expressed satisfaction in fulfilling her promise and encouraged the village council to utilise the ATV to ensure that everyone benefits.

“The ATV is for the use of the administration of this council so that they can work with the people, they can be able to reach the people. The ATV will be useful in emergencies,” Minister Sukhai stated.