5Bs coming to Kwaimatta

 DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Access to education is central to the development of our human potential to participate in the management of any society, effectively. Therefore, the government has pledged to provide equal access to education for children across the country through the 5Bs initiative – Buses, Boats, Bicycles, Books and Breakfast.

This message was shared to the residents of Kwaimatta, North Rupununi, in Region 9, by Minister of Citizenship, Hon. Winston Felix. He was at the time responding to a request for a bus and a boat to transport children in the community, to and from school, especially those who attend the secondary school in central Annai.

Minister of Citizenship, Hon. Winston Felix speaking to the residents of Kwaimatta, North Rupununi in Region 9.

Assuring the residents that their appeal will be taken to the relevant authorities to ensure the 5Bs programme is implemented in their community, Minister Felix noted that the initiative will allow students to stay in school while reducing the financial burden from their parents.

“To ensure the development in communities continue to work, we must ensure the next generation receives good schooling, and that is why the government has implemented the 5Bs initiative.”

The minister further encouraged, with a sound primary, secondary and university education, this will open doors for professionals, such as engineer, headmasters, and other leadership positions needed in Region 9.

This Coalition Government has set out to empower the youths of Kwaimatta and other villages across the country; to give them the push, so that they can successfully take over and manage their communities and the country in the future,” Minister Felix noted.

The minister’s visit to the community forms part of a wider outreach by the government ministers to engage residents in their respective communities to better address their needs.