Accreditation for more UG programmes in the works

DPI, Guyana, Friday, April 20, 2018

In light of the continuous efforts, the University of Guyana (UG) is committed to ensuring more of their programmes are internationally accredited. Deputy Vice-Chancellor with responsibility for academic engagement, Professor Michael Scott, announced that among those plans are several technology programmes.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor with responsibility for academic engagement, Michael Scott.

Accreditation by the major certification bodies will make UG a competitive option for students regionally and internationally and ensure the quality of its service.

“There’s no doubt that in this age we have to ensure that we have our product branded and quality assured as well as quality enhanced, my unit is particularly responsible for the issues of academic accreditation,” Professor Scott remarked.

He noted that UG is currently working towards accreditation for the dental programme as well as the medical programme.

“Our first task is to ensure we register our entire institution and then to move to that process of individual accreditation.”

Due to the age of the university, major rehabilitative works will have to first be done to ensure the campus facilities are ready for the accreditation process.

“It’s a bit complex, our facilities will be subject to quality assurance so we have some work to do…We’ve been existing on this campus for 70 years and so we have some rehabilitation to do and to reorganise and make various changes,” Scott added.

Various curriculums across the Faculty of Technology have recently been reviewed in a project assisted by the World Bank.  “We’re on another level now,” Scott explained, “to see how we can refashion, refocus the entire engineering faculty as we go forward.”

Additionally, as a part of their efforts to ensure quality education for students, the university is also planning to shortly retitle the Faculty of Technology to reflect the additional programmes that will soon be offered.

“The Faculty of Technology in the coming months will be officially renamed the Faculty of Engineering and Technology,” Professor Scott said.


By: Nateshia Isaacs


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