Agri ministry, GLSC collaborate to create more farming lands – Minister Mustapha

The Ministry of Agriculture has partnered with the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission (GLSC) to identify lands suitable for agricultural development nationwide.

Minister, Zulfikar Mustapha, M.P, said the current land mapping exercise is in keeping with the PPP/C Administration’s motive to provide adequate cultivation space for agriculturists to advance production.

Farm land

The initiative also comes at a time when the government is working aggressively to remove barriers affecting Guyana’s food export.

“…before the first quarter, we are going to get that mapping out finished,” Minister Mustapha said Saturday,during a community outreach on the East Bank of Berbice.

After the lands are identified, infrastructural development will commence, he stated.

The minister believes that with the new approach, citizens will see a rise in agricultural development, as food cultivation in various farming districts will increase.

He said the land upgrades will cater for every aspect of the agriculture industry.

We have to ensure that we work in a way that all the sectors within the agriculture sector can survive. That means cash crop, rice, cattle, or livestock, all must work together,” he underscored.

Cattle rearing

The ministry plans to construct a dairy plant in the community of Maratraite, as a means to conceptualise large scale farming across the East Bank of Berbice. The venture will provide farmers with the opportunity to build their capacity, specifically in cattle rearing.

To achieve its the goal of making Guyana the bread basket of the Caribbean once again, the ministry is also open to private funding.

“More importantly, what we’ll be doing will also encourage private investment because there are a number of interests that are being added as people are expressing to come to these parts of the country to invest,” the minister added.  

The agriculture ministry is extensively working to create more opportunities and achieve a sustainable future for all Guyanese.