Albouystown residents assist gov’t to desilt drains

DPI, GUYANA, Saturday, July 29, 2017

A collaboration between the Ministry of Public Infrastructure and residents of Constituency 10-Albouystown/Charlestown is resulting in the communities’ drains being desilted, as part of efforts to reduce flooding.

Drains in Albouystown being cleaned.

Residents of the adjoining communities expresses satisfaction and praised the various stakeholders for the works being undertaken.

Desire Gibson said, “I am a resident of this community and I appreciate the way the government perform. They have done an excellent job. A lot of poor people get work also, and we hope that the people will maintain the works by dumping their garbage in bins. I am proud of the work and I am proud of my President.”

Paul Samoogan, another long-time resident explained that during the 1970’s Albouystown never had flooding, “Water used to flow through the drains till you could have raced corks in it. The community is long overdue for this clean up. I hope when they finish, they keep to this standard and the water keeps flowing, because it not a nice to see. When the place is flooded with all the people’s home, the water getting in all in the bedrooms, and under the beds. It is not safe for the kids”

A community food entrepreneur Frentz Farier, expressed his happiness for the initiative, “It is one that has to be continually and I do hope that the residents maintain the cleanliness of their surroundings.”

Councilor Eston Bostwick emphasised that the constituency will implement charges to residents who do not up keep

Councilor of Constituency 10 Eston Bostwick.

their surroundings and expressed gratitude to the government. He also identified some of the health benefits for the community, “The first benefit it will bring to them is the decrease of mosquitoes, they will not have water borne diseases.”

Additionally, Community Coordinator, Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Neilson McKenzie explained to DPI that the collaboration between the Ministry of Public Infrastructure and the community is part of the emergency works instituted by the government. McKenzie further explained that $150M was approved by Cabinet to have emergency works one to critical areas that suffered from flooding during heavy, prolonged rainfall. He stated the Ministry of Public Infrastructure is the executing arm for the works.

Neilson McKenzie, Community Coordinator, Ministry of Public Infrastructure.

“What I can say is that with these works there will be less flooding these critical areas”, McKenzie noted.

Mckenzie stated that Phase two of the project is the maintenance works and public awareness relating to cleanliness. He also noted that such initiative provides jobs for persons on the community with more than 150 jobs being created.

The area than encompasses from Victoria to King Edward and from Independence Boulevard to Sussex Street, are being cleaned, and works are expected to be completed by next Tuesday the ministry official said.

McKenzie revealed that works have already been completed in South Ruimveldt Park and North Ruimveldt. Several main canals such as Sussex Street, Lamaha, Caneview Canals along with several others, have also been desilted.

Other agencies that are partners in these works include the Mayor and City Council and the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA).


By: Gabreila Patram

Drains in Albouystown being cleaned.