Breaches hotline is part of CoviCurb enforcement measures

A hotline has been set up for persons to call and report breaches of the COVID-19 emergency measures.

This is part of ‘Operation CoviCurb’ launched this weekend to promote and enforce adherence to the safety protocols aimed at stemming the spread of the disease.

Individuals can call 180, 181 (Digicel) or 624-6674, 624-3067, 624-2819 or 265-7090 (GTT) to make a report.

Prime Minister, Brigadier Mark Phillips

“We will set up a hotline so if you see somebody who is not adhering to the measures, you will call us and the enforcement agency will quickly rush down and start by using suasion to ensure these measures,”

Prime Minister, Brigadier Mark Phillips said at a media briefing Thursday.

“If there is a breach of the regulations by business places, they would be given a warning in the first instance. A second breach will result in closure of their businesses. That is what we want to communicate clearly across Guyana,” he added.

Stressing the need for compliance, PM Phillips said the disease was a threat to the survival of Guyanese and “a threat therefore to our national security.”

The PM reiterated that COVID-19 was everyone’s business and the people need to play their part to slow the spread of the virus.

“It transcends politics so whether you are in Opposition or Government, what is important, all of us must now play a role in curbing the spread of COVID-19.”

The Government has adjusted the curfew hours to 9pm – 4am, under the new COVID-19 Emergency Measures for October. Essential services are allowed to operate without any time constraints.

However, several key services have had their operation hours extended between the 4am – 8pm time frame. These include markets, supermarkets, beauty salons and barbershops, maintenance services, gas stations, and clothing stores.

Food and restaurant services are also permitted to operate daily within that period. Those services can continue with accompanied delivery, drive-through, curb-side and takeaway services.

Individuals are encouraged to do their part by wearing masks, washing their hands, and social distancing.