CDC distributes cleaning supplies to Region 5 residents

Residents of Mahaica-Berbice (Region 5) of the Rosignol/Zeelust and Blairmont/Gelderland NDC yesterday received 600 cleaning hampers from the Civil Defence Commission (CDC), as a response to flood impacts in several communities there.

Of the supplies, the communities of Zorg-en-hoop (116), Blairmont #4 (34), and Rosignol (150) residents were given cleaning hampers to assist with their restoration after heavy rainfall and over-topping of waterways caused some households to be inundated. Farmlands and ranches were also affected.

A total of 300 hampers was given directly to the NDC who distributed 180 to the communities of Blairmont and Balthyock. Today 120 were sent to Shieldstown with an additional 255 to be delivered later. CDC will work to deliver the remaining cleaning hampers today and over the weekend to ensure that all impacted residents receive their supplies. Concerned residents are encouraged to contact their NDCs or the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) for support.

The CDC continues to work with local authorities to ensure that aid is available for impacted communities, especially during the current rainy season. Residents are encouraged to remain vigilant and report any impacts to their local authorities or the National Emergency Monitoring System (NEMS) on 600-7500 or 226-1114 at any time.