Connectivity is coming!

― Free WiFi for Achawib students, teachers

― Toshao, residents welcome it

― govt intends to keep hinterland informed

DPI, Guyana, Sunday, November 24, 2019

Connectivity is coming to the village of Achawib, Region 9 and other communities in the South Rupununi. This was announced by the Public Health Minister, Hon. Volda Lawrence.

During a recent meeting held in the community, Minister Lawrence told the Achawib residents that this government intends to bridge the connectivity and communication gap between the hinterland and the coast.

According to the minister, the Public Telecommunications Ministry has already begun establishing free internet service in some areas in the South Rupununi, and it is “only a matter of time before all villages benefit from the same service.” Minister Lawrence told the residents that based on information provided by the subject minister, Hon. Catherine Hughes, the village and others nearby will have an internet connection in the coming weeks.

Added to this, she said teachers will be provided with electronic tablets to assist in the preparation of their classwork.

Also, the Public Health Minister hinted that in 2020 and beyond, each secondary school student will be presented with a tablet which will allow them to undertake school work and assignments more efficiently.

The benefits of this service are not only limited to the schools, but there are opportunities where the community at large will benefit. Minister Lawrence explained that this is one way in which the government intends to keep residents in the hinterland communities informed.

“This is what we are talking about as a government, removing the inequality where one group of people have access to information, and they see what is happening all over the world and in a next place it is not so. We, as a government, have nothing to hide, we want you to know everything that is happening all across this country,” she explained.

Toshao of Achawib, Vanessa Richards, noted that within her first year, as leader of the village, she has seen development come to the community and with the progress made, is excited about the overall outcome. “In terms of technology, I see there is some solar-powered equipment that will soon be installed. We thank the ministry and the government for that… we also have WiFi coming, and I know it will benefit the entire village, and I am very pleased about that.”

Some of the teachers of the Achawib Primary School shared their views on the soon-to-be established free internet service.

Firstly, Ryan Ignacio who has been a teacher at the school for the past seven years said: “After hearing minister’s remarks today, I am excited about the plans for education and I know it will be beneficial to us the teachers and even the parents also. The children will benefit by gaining more knowledge.”

Volda Pascal, another teacher, supported her colleague’s comments and added that “the information you will see on the internet about the president and ministers and so on, you will see what they are doing and that is good information for the people of Achawib to access.”

Minister Lawrence also engaged the community on a series of developments that are expected to take place countrywide with priority being given to the hinterland regions.