COVID cash grant applauded

it will assist in paying the bills”

Residents of Georgetown and around the East Coast of Demerara have applauded an initiative by the Government of Guyana to distribute a $25,000 COVID-19 relief package per household across the country.

The pandemic has resulted in economic turmoil for a number of persons as social distancing and stay at home protocols led to many citizens being unable to work.

“We still thankful cah we din get nothing at all from the time the COVID-19 start and then some people get knock-off and we still had to give up jobs and so. So, if you get 25,000 you still thankful,” said businesswoman, Shakira McDonald.

McDonald further stated that her children are among those who lost their jobs when the pandemic hit and the extra help would go a long way for her family.

Abdool Ahamad, a vendor at the Lusignan Market said that “we would like to applaud the Government for coming up with such an idea, it will help out a lot… it will assist in paying the bills”.

Melissa Sutton, also applauded the Government’s COVID-19 relief initiative.

“If I’m going to get $25,000, I’m grateful. It’s better than receiving nothing, it can go a far way depends on how you use it,” Melissa stated.

Melissa continued “I would definitely invest it in my business, no body don’t just fall off the road and give you 25,000”.

Additionally, Tony Singh posited that it is very good especially for those persons who have no source of income due to the pandemic. He also added that if he receives the money, he will use it to buy groceries, pay bills or another good use.

Avesh Etwaroo, highlighted that if its $25,000 per household, it would amount to billions that the government is granting and he believes that it is a great idea.

This measure will be included in the 2020 Emergency Budget on Wednesday.

The $25,000 COVID-19 relief was announced on Monday by His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, who noted that he has seen the struggle of Guyanese across the country and is confident that this will help those affected.