Crime-fighting tools boosted, US216M worth in equipment handed over to GPF from Peoples Republic of China

DPI, Guyana, Monday, November 6, 2017

President David Granger today said his Government is committed to giving the Guyana Police Force the tools needed for efficient crime fighting.

(from l to r) President David Granger, Chinese Ambassador to Guyana H.E. Cui Jianchun, Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo and Minister of State, Joseph Harmon examine a bullet proof vest.

In delivering the feature address at the handing over ceremony of US $216M worth of Communication, electrical and transportation equipment from the Government of the People’s Republic of China, the Head of State said previously, limited assets prevented the GPF from performing its job.

“The force’s efficiency will be enhanced further through improved management training and the provision of more and improved equipment. Your government is committed to ensuring that the force is given the tools to do the work which it is required to do.

In addition, President Granger said it is important that the Nation-State be protected from all forms of criminal activities whether local or international.

“We cannot have a secured country if our border and territories are violated by criminals, by transnational crime. We need an efficient, we need a well-equipped, we need a well-trained Guyana Police force to confront these threats to human safety and public security,” President Granger asserted

Some of the vehicles donated to the Guyana Police Force.

Further, the Head of the Armed Forces and President urged effective policing to ensure the nation’s citizenry and natural resources are safeguarded.

“Ladies and gentlemen our country must be secured at the local and regional and national and transnational levels to prevent crime, interpersonal violence, to prevent our territory from being abused and misused. Our environment must be protected to ensure our natural resources are not plundered by foreign persons who have entered the country illegally.”

The acquisition and handing over of these and other assets coupled with training for ranks of the Guyana Police Force is in keeping with government’s commitment to a five-point security reform programme.

“Human safety must ensure our communities are free from crime and our children are allowed to grow up in safe and secure homes and neighbourhoods. Our women folk must be protected from domestic violence. It is, for this reason, that re-restarted with the permission of the British government the Security Sector Reform Programme,” President Granger said.

Among the assets handed over to the Force at its Eve Leary Sports Club are 56 pickups, 44 motorcycles and 35 All-terrain Vehicles.


By: Kidackie Amsterdam

Some of the vehicles donated to the Guyana Police Force.

Some of the vehicles donated to the Guyana Police Force.


Some of the vehicles donated to the Guyana Police Force.