CRMA is collaborating to ensure all Guyanese are employed gainfully.

DPI/GINA, GUYANA, Monday, 08 June 2017

Ministry of Social Protection, Central Recruitment and Manpower Agency (CRMA), continues to assist Guyanese to be gainfully employed. CRMA has offices in Regions’ Two (2), Three (3), Four (4), Five (5), Six (6) and Ten (10) and have placed over six hundred (600) persons in jobs for 2017.

Chief Recruitment and Manpower Officer Department of the Central Recruitment and Manpower Agency Valarie Moore,

Valarie Moore, Chief Recruitment and Manpower Officer said the agency is collaborating with other departments to ensure Guyanese are gainfully employed. She explained that despite some persons having limited qualifications and difficult circumstances, the agency does not turn away anyone.

Moore noted that they advise persons on where they can go to improve their qualifications and get assistance. She pointed out that they also share with the job–seekers what are some of the benefits of obtaining a skill and/ or academic qualifications.

“We find out what their preference is in terms of skill, what they like to do and so. Once they show interest in a skill we direct them to the Board of Industrial Training. You have other people who come for work but have some circumstances that they can’t really afford cause most of the time the work requires police clearance and if you got to do some food thing you have to have your food handlers certificate and some people do not have the resources or don’t have the money to do so, so we make referrals to our department, the “Difficult Circumstances” (department) and see

Staff at the Department of the Central Recruitment and Manpower Agency with persons seeking jobs.

if they can help them get some funding,” Moore explained.

She pointed out that the reason for the push to help persons is because of the fact that they do not want persons to go for the interviews and not have the basic requirements or documents to support the position which they seek. “They do what they have to do and come back because remember the work place want stuff and you can’t send people there without, because it wouldn’t make sense they wouldn’t take them in so we would try (with them)”.

Moore says the department facilitates the process up until the interview but it is out of the department’s hand after that. She explains that it is the responsibility of the individual to act in a professional and responsible manner.

“People will come back and say they have been with us for many years and they going and coming and never get nothing when they go, they don’t get through. We can’t make the people take you, we can send you as much places to cover the whole Public Sector, that’s what we can do and as many times as possible we can send you but we can’t make people take you,” Moore emphasised.


By: Delon Sancho


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