‘Dangerous implication’ in Norton’s assertion that APNU contesting ‘virtually all’ constituencies – Jagdeo

General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo has identified a dangerous implication made by Opposition Leader, Aubrey Norton.

During a press conference Thursday, the opposition leader once again asserted that the APNU+PNC was contesting in ‘virtually all’ constituencies.

According to the PPP general secretary, “He was practically implying that all the so-called ‘independent groups’ were part of the APNU’s front, and they didn’t contest as APNU in these areas, but as independent groups.”

General Secretary of the PPP, Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo

He said that should this be true, it would mean that APNU is trying to disguise itself in some local government areas out of shame of its track record.

“If it is not true, then what he has done is, he has branded all of those individuals and groups contesting outside of APNU in these local government areas as APNU fronts. So, it is very dangerous for those people who are contesting now, because he has implied that they are all APNU fronts,” Dr Jagdeo added.

Hence, the general secretary stressed that these individuals and organisations are now obligated to dispel these implications, and publicly disassociate themselves from the APNU.

He emphasised that, out of 610 constituencies, the APNU is only contesting in 260, with independent individuals and organisations contesting in an additional 58 constituencies.

This means that a total of 318 constituencies of the 610 constituencies see APNU or independent individuals or groups contesting.

“So, you still have 292 constituencies where neither APNU nor individuals or groups are contesting in the country. That means that the PPP has won in those areas already, 292 of the 610, and this can be factually checked.

“It goes to an issue of credibility. Here is a major political party contesting an election, and the leaders can lie to the people of this country in the face of all these facts, and when exposed, they double down on their lies. They don’t apologise, they don’t explain anything, they just continue to perpetuate their lies,” the general secretary noted.

He questioned, “People have to believe your promises, because parties run on manifestos and promises. If you have no credibility, how can they believe that you will fulfill any promise if you will lie about something that could be proven as a lie?”