D’Urban Park no ‘white elephant’ – Minister Harmon refutes newspaper claims

GINA, GUYANA, Thursday, May 4, 2017

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon today, repudiated claims published recently in one of the daily newspapers that the D’Urban Park facility is a ‘white elephant’.

Minister Harmon said that on the said day of the article, there was a massive undertaking at the venue by churches in the country. He added that, “if you had actually gone there, you will see what was happening.”

Minister Harmon noted that, “since the D’Urban Park was built, I can say to you at least once per month or more, that various organisations in this country have been using the Park for various activities.

He further explained that, “every afternoon, you can go there, you just walk there and take your cameras, you see people are exercising, they are using the place, you see children playing, so it is not as is portrayed in your article.”

Minister Harmon made it clear to the media that the facility is used by the people of Guyana, and it was built for the people of Guyana.


By: Delon Sancho