Eight awarded for ‘World Day Against Child Labour’ art competition

The Ministry of Labour has awarded eight young persons for their exemplary depictions of this year’s World Day Against Child Labour theme, ‘Social justice for all. End child labour’.

The event took place at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre, on Wednesday.

Over 40 entries were submitted for the art competition, which was open to persons between eight to 16 years old.

Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton during remarks

First place winner, Joannah Manauf from the School of the Nations told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that she was inspired by the labour ministry’s efforts to defeat child labour.

Manauf added that her painting which is titled ‘Puppets of Poverty’ speaks to how some parents place a lot of pressure on their children to work.

Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton handing over art piece to 1st place winner, Joannah Manauf

“I don’t think children should be living like this…I don’t think it is right. The hammer on the painting signifies how the ministry breaks child labour,” she explained.

Subrina Peters from Berbice High School copped second place in the competition and noted that her painting depicted the joy of childhood.

Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton handing over art piece to 2nd place winner from Berbice High School, Subrina Peters

“I think that child labour is a crime which interferes with children’s schooling…It inspired me to draw one side with the children working…I feel happy to be awarded,” an elated Peters stated.

The entries were evaluated based on description, observational evidence, analysis, interpretation and evaluation, organisation, and originality.  

Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton and some of the winners of the art competition

Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton highlighted that the development and implementation of the national policy aims to alleviate the negative impacts that child labour has on the nation’s children.

“Here in Guyana, we have implemented numerous measures in mitigating the risk factors to provide for the enhanced welfare of our children through the school feeding programme, the “Because We Care” cash grant, and cash grant for each child with a disability…we have a good social protection system, which covers many social benefits including foster care, adoption, and public assistance,” the minister emphasised.

Alyssa Bynoe receiving her certificate

Since the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal, Target 8.7 calls for the elimination of child labour in all forms by 2025, conscious efforts must be made to ensure that policies, programmes, and initiatives are effective.

As part of its development agenda and commitment, the government continues to effectively work to eliminate child labour and raise awareness of the crime and its negative psychological and physical impacts.