Electricity restored to normalcy in Mabaruma- new generator to be installed shortly

DPI, GUYANA, Monday, August 7, 2017

Mabaruma is now receiving up to nine hours of electricity after engineers rectified minor issues that were affecting the standby generator powering the community.

Electrical Engineer of Region One, Frederick Kirk said that a representative from Doosan, the company that manufactures the generator, recently visited the region and dealt with the issues.

An engineer examining the generator.

Kirk explained that “we had a few minor technical difficulties but the rep is in here from Doosan and he rectified the issue, we did a few trial runs and we haven’t gotten any occurrence of the issue since,” adding that “the generator (is) presently powering the community for nine hours a day, with future plans of expansion of additional hours”.

Prior to that, Kirk noted that the community was only receiving five hours of electricity. Additionally, Kirk pointed out that a new generator was procured and has arrived in Mabaruma. However, he said that installation of the generator is being stalled as they await the arrival of a missing part.

“The new generator came in but we are awaiting some additional parts as well mainly the radiator. The radiator should be here tomorrow and the supplier will come in and install it so by the end of the week the next generator should be up and running,” Kirk explained.

He said once the generator is installed it is expected to provide Mabaruma with over nine hours of electricity on a daily basis.

The supply of electricity to the Sub-district comes as relief to residents, as they had experienced power outage for over two months after bearings within the generator were damaged beyond repair.


By: Isaiah Braithwaite