Emancipation 2020 celebrations to go virtual

DPI, Guyana, Friday, July 24, 2020


Director of Culture Tamika Boatswain

Guyanese will soon enjoy a week filled with exciting virtual activities as the Department of Culture hosts its Emancipation celebration under the theme “Overcoming challenges over innovation”.

Director of Culture Tamika Boatswain told DPI, due current situation with the COVID pandemic, this year’s Emancipation celebration – similar to Independence- will utilise technology to share the various events with citizens.

Boatswain said this year’s programme will focus on the African Guyanese and African Diaspora’s experience during slavery.

“The whole idea behind the celebrations is to get people to understand the history and experience of the Africa diaspora and African-Guyanese in particular. So, they can get a better appreciation of their struggles and why they celebrate.”

The Culture Director added that programme will feature panel discussions, animation videos on African history which will chronicle the experience of African-Guyanese, and how-to-do video including drumming, various interactive programmes and a soiree on the 31st of July, among others.

A cultural showcase is scheduled to be broadcast on 1 August – Emancipation Day.

“We also have a new feature called the African Kitchen where we will highlight how to prepare a variety of African-Guyanese dishes. Plans are also on stream for a talk show where people can share their emancipation moments as well as spotlight African-Guyanese in politics, business, culture,” Boatswain added.

Another highlight the viewers can look forward to is a concert – Sounds out of Africa – showcasing the music that has come out of the African experience in the Caribbean post-emancipation. It will be aired on August 2 on NCN.

This year’s Emancipation programme will be aired on the National Communications Network (NCN) Channel 11, it can also be viewed on the Department of Culture’s Facebook page.

There will also be programmes for radio and features in the newspapers

The events will begin on July 24 and conclude on August 2. A detailed schedule of the Emancipation programme will be made available by this weekend on the Department’s social media page.

This year’s observance is a collaboration between the Department of Culture, Guyana Reparations Committee and the International Decade for People of African Descent Assembly (IDPADA-G) and African Cultural & Development Association (ACDA).