Energy-efficient lighting project set for Leguan, Wakenaam, Bartica, and Linden in 2022

The communities of Leguan, Wakenaam, Bartica, and Linden will benefit from a planned lighting change-out project for the latter half of 2022.

The Government of Guyana, in pursuit of the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) 2030, aims to transform Guyana’s economy to deliver greater socio-economic development under a low carbon pathway while also addressing the issues associated with climate change.

Within this context, resources have been allocated for an energy efficiency project which targets the replacement of inefficient lighting (particularly incandescent bulbs, CFLs and 4-feet fluorescent lights) with Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) for residential, commercial, and public buildings in Leguan, Wakenaam, Bartica, and Linden. This energy-saving initiative encourages sustainable consumption and supports households and businesses in making energy-conscious decisions while reducing their carbon footprint.

The Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) will provide employment to sixteen (16) licensed practising electricians to undertake these installations. Each electrician will be required to present a letter to the occupant of the building requesting their participation in the project and consent to replace all existing inefficient lights (incandescent bulbs, CFL lamps and 4-feet fluorescent lights) within the premises. If the occupant agrees to participate, each electrician will be required to record the quantity and type of inefficient lights replaced on a document prepared by the agency. This information will then require verification from the beneficiary by affixing their signature and contact information on the document and verifying the number of lights installed by each electrician. The contracted electrician will then be required to submit the completed documentation to the GEA. Each beneficiary will be visited to verify the information provided and allow for inspection by the GEA of the lights installed. This project is expected to commence in the first week of July 2022 in Linden while the remaining areas will commence in August 2022.

The Guyana Energy Agency, in keeping with the LCDS 2030, will continue to implement and spearhead such projects as part of the realization of the Agency’s objective to increase energy efficiency, conservation and renewable energy technologies at the national and local levels.