ERC message on International Day of Democracy

The Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) joins with Guyana and the rest of the world in observance of “International Day of Democracy” today, September 15, 2023.

Guyana, as a democratic nation, has paved the way for the formation of independent and impartial rights Commissions such as the Ethnic Relations Commission, the Women and Gender Equality, Rights of the Child, and Indigenous Peoples’ Commission, among other Commissions as prescribed by the Constitution of Guyana.

The ERC’s wide-ranging constitutional mandate to preserve many liberties of citizens in Guyana’s multi-ethnic society aligns with upholding democratic traditions. The Commission has the monumental task of promoting harmony and good relations through education and continuous engagements with all ethnic groups to foster understanding, tolerance, and respect in our consultative democracy. Consultations underpin the Commission’s agenda.

Further, the ERC plays an important role in contributing to free and fair elections in our country, and, as such the Commission recently fielded the largest team of observers for the local government elections.

In addition,  the ERC monitors and investigates matters that disrupt peaceful relations in Guyana and hold accountable those responsible including leaders of the country, across the political divide, in an effort to maintain principles of good governance and to act in the interests of all Guyanese.

In  2007, the  UN General Assembly invited all member states to take appropriate steps that contribute to raising public awareness on promoting the ‘International Day of Democracy’. Universally, democracies are based on the freedom of citizens to choose their own political, economic, social, and cultural framework with full participation. The Commission urges all citizens to play an active role in ensuring the principles of democracy are upheld in Guyana.