Expired goods confiscated in surprise Stabroek visit

DPI, Guyana, Thursday, June 14, 2018

A large number of expired goods was seized from vendors in the Stabroek Market Bazaar today in a surprise visit by the Meat Food and Hygiene Section of the Mayor and City Council.

Chief Meat and Food Inspector (ag), Onica Alleyne-Blackman explained that the selling of expired goods in the Stabroek Market area continues to be a trend. She highlighted that most times the goods are being sold cheaply which attracts sales but results in customers failing to check expiration dates.

Most of the items seized today were confectioneries. Poor labeling of the goods and the condition in which the goods are being stored were also a major concern.

“Most of these things are not going to be washed before they are used, and children have a tendency to bite packages to open it and apart from the expiry date, how they are stored, leaves much to be desired,” she explained.

She added that “when the manufacturer affixes an expiry date on a product, that is the date which guarantees the safety of the product, anytime beyond that date, you do not know what can happen. No item past the expiry date should be sold at any location.”

While visibly upset, most vendors were cooperative with the exercise. However, one of the complaints from the vendors, according to the Alleyne-Blackman, is that they had recently purchased the goods. Nevertheless, she said vendors need to “pay attention to the dates” of the goods.

She advised that the M&CC will continue to carry out regular checks for expired goods not only in the market area but also in wholesale and retail stores.

By: Isaiah Braithwaite.

Images: Jameel Mohamed.