Flood relief grant will help restore farmers’ livelihood, boost food production – Minister McCoy

Farmers of Kairuni, Kuru Kururu and Timehri in Region Four received the Government’s flood relief grant today. DPI spoke with some farmers who said the grant will assist them to move forward in redeveloping the agriculture sector.

Minister McCoy interacting with farmers.

Cash crop farmer, Mr. Deonarine Narine said he is proud of this initiative as it will allow farmers to return to their farmlands and boost Guyana’s food production. He said he will use the money to purchase fertilisers for his crops.

“It’s very hard to start back we farming to the scale that we had, but we still continue and we’re very glad for this grant from the Government. At least is a help to get fertiliser back and get things in place to start moving forward…

Cash crop farmer, Mr. Deonarine Narine speaking with DPI.

This is very good what the Government is doing because to help the people to get back on their foot because without this we’ll fall more back, because some a we left the farming now and go to look work in other places and food production will get lower, we will get less food in the country.” Mr. Narine said.

Farmer, Mr. Cleveland James speaking with DPI.

Mr. Cleveland James, another farmer shared similar sentiments.

“Right now, the cash grant came in real aright because instead of investing in going more into the swamp I could do something on the hill, maybe I can buy a pump that could assist me, it will assist down the line maybe in developing the farm more…I thank the Government for whatever assistance they giving and we will put it to use,” Mr. James said.

Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Public Affairs, Kwame McCoy M.P. distributing the flood relief to a farmer.

Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Public Affairs, Hon. Kwame McCoy M.P. spearheaded the distribution exercise.

The Public Affairs Minister encouraged the farmers to take advantage of the many opportunities presented to them in the agriculture sector so as to make a significant contribution to global food security.

Minister McCoy distributing flood relief grant to a farmer.

“Work to ensure that we are not only the bread basket of the Caribbean but we are a major, major contributor of food production and food security across the world and so ambition must be the beginning of everything we seek to pursue for our individual and collective good…

We will position ourselves to be able to take advantage of all those opportunities that exist to be able to reach the ambition that we set out for ourselves,” the Minister said. 

He explained that the Government is working to enhance the quantity and quality of food produced in the country. The Minister emphasised that farming should no longer be treated in the traditional way, but should be expanded since agriculture will bring tremendous benefit to Guyanese.

“We are as a government, working to enhance our capacity, to enhance the ability, to enhance every possibility of people being able to produce not only for our local population, not only for the Caribbean but right across the world we are in a very advantageous position to make a major contribution to the global food security…

And so, it is no longer the type of traditional agriculture and though I am not suggesting that we do away the very many good techniques and very many good practices…but also, we have to push ourselves to learn and understand new techniques,” Minister McCoy stated.

Minister McCoy reiterated that the Government understands the losses and devastation faced by farmers and will continue to make the necessary investments to improve their livelihood.

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