Distribution of Wheelchairs & Mobility Aids at Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre

LDS Charities of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has just recently completed a three-day Wheelchair Training Programme (March 13 – 15, 2018) in collaboration with the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre (PRRC).

This training was in preparation for the free distribution of 129 wheelchairs and other mobility aids including crutches which were donated by the Church.  A total of 12 Ministry of Public Health, Rehabilitation Services personnel from across 8 regions of Guyana were taught how to properly assess persons requiring wheelchairs taking into consideration their physical condition, daily life, home and geological environment to ensure that users receive the appropriate wheelchair suited to their needs and lifestyle.

Training was also conducted to teach 4 technicians from the PRRC on how to assemble the wheelchairs and make the necessary adjustments for each individual user.  Persons requiring wheelchairs can contact the PRRC via telephone 225-6551, 226-1441, or email ptolemyreidcentre@gmail.com to be assessed for a wheelchair.  Wheelchairs are available in 3 styles: Standard (for wheelchairs with moderate level of physical activity), Active (for wheelchairs users with a high level of physical activity) and All Terrain (for persons residing in rural or hilly areas).

From left Elder Cal Randle, Wheelchair Technician; Elders Tyler Huish & Scott Maw, Physiotherapists; Elder Donald & Sister Sherry Hart, Wheelchair Technical Specialists; Col. Randy Storm, PRRC Chairman; Ms. Hyacinth Massay, Rehabilitation Officer; and Ms. Ariane Mangar, Director of Rehabilitation Services with participants in back row.



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