From potholes to smoother rides 

– Wakenaam residents welcome ongoing road works

DPI, Guyana, Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Wakenaam is witnessing the massive upgrade of its roads. A move that has been welcomed by those residing on the island located at the mouth of the Essequibo River.

“It is very good because the first week when I turn out, the Monday I had a puncture, the Tuesday I had a puncture, I had to purchase the tire and the tube… and now having an asphalt road is lovely because I leave home at 8 o’clock and by 8:20, I am at school.”

Headmistress of Maria’s Pleasure Primary School, Deanne Retemiah commended the $60M road works ongoing on the Essequibo island. Before the rehabilitative works, she explained it took her 45 mins to arrive at school as the roads were filled with huge potholes.

“There were a lot of holes, and you had to be very careful, especially in the rainy season, the road would flood and if you were not familiar with the road, you would find yourself getting into a serious accident,” she explained.

The island has now taken a 360-degree turn for the better and residents are elated. Another resident, Bibi Razach, stated that “for the three years I have been using the road, it has been in a very deplorable, dangerous condition and now, it has been much improved. We have better roads and I find it very nice to ride on.”

Motorcyclist Ken Biswah said “it feels good, this road is perfect… we thank the government. The road is very good for everyone, not one man alone, everyone.”

Aside from having immensely better roads, close to a dozen persons on the island benefited from employment opportunities with the project

Of the four miles of road to be rehabilitated, two miles have been completed, and the other half is on schedule to be completed early October. In June, a mobile asphalt plant was dispatched to the island and works are moving apace.

The rehabilitation works stemmed from a ministerial outreach which was held on the island in June with Minister of Public Infrastructure, Hon. Hon. David Patterson and Minister of Public Health, Hon. Volda Lawrence. At the engagement, Minister Patterson committed to having the road upgraded.