Gender Awareness Campaign to be launched

DPI, Guyana, Saturday, May 19, 2018

The realisation of a gender-equal society has been one of the main items on the Coalition government’s agenda. To that end, a policy has been formulated to ensure gender equality across the nation.

Adel Lily, Director of the Gender Affairs Bureau

The Ministry of Social Protection is currently working on a ‘Gender Campaign’ to be launched later this year. Director of Gender Affairs Bureau, Adel Lily told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that the effort aims to inspire “conversations in the home about how we are training our children. Whether we still have things like boy’s work and girl’s work?”

Lily said the once persons understand there is a difference between gender and sexuality, and what that difference signifies, they are open to conversation. “You were born male or female based on your sexual organ but Gender is socially constructed. Gender is your sex plus your identity and your expression. So, a person’s gender is fluid while their sex is constant,” Lily explained.

The Gender campaign will focus on educating the public on gender, address serotypes, gender roles and norms. Discussions will be held on how certain roles have played a part in promoting inequality and gender-based violence. Lily said the public will be given an opportunity to put forward suggestions how this issue can be addressed.

By Zanneel Williams

Images provided by Kennyann Bacchus