GNBS helping businesses to improve quality of products, services

The services which were formulated under the Guyana National Bureau of Standard (GNBS), have been reaping major benefits, with local companies producing quality products to the expectation of international description.

This is being made possible through the Made in Guyana Certification Programme. Close to 30 companies have already been certified since the implementation of the programme in 2022.

With this initiative, these companies are able to attract both foreign and local markets, and build competition locally.

Proprietor of Anne’s Products, Anne Bristol-Peters receiving her certificate from GNBS officials

It was only recently that GNBS had certified Anne’s Products, a local business which manufactures various sauces and seasonings, along with Henvil Farm, a coconut water company from the Pomeroon River, and Gopaul’s Jewelry, the first gold jeweller in Region Two to acquire the Made in Guyana mark.

These companies were able to be certified because their products and businesses reached the requirements and standards approved by the GNBS.

Owners of Gopaul’s Jewelry, Udo Gopaul and Rampersaud Gopaul collecting their certificate from GNBS

Not only does the organisation approve products, but also laboratories, to create consumer confidence through consistency in the quality of the environment.

Products that require a specified area to be manufactured, include PVC pipes, gold jewellery, concrete blocks, fibre glass, bathtubs and shower units.

These types of products are approved by GNBS under the Certification of Products and Laboratories to National Standards.

Laboratory Director, Dr. Kamela Bemaul – Sukhu collecting the certificate in the presence of GNBS staff and her colleagues

On June 6, the Midway Specialty Care Centre Guyana Laboratory received certification by GNBS for successfully implementing the requirements of the GYS:170 Standard, a general requirement for the operation of a laboratory.

Acquiring the GNBS mark and certificates is also giving these businesses the advantage of exporting their products, and leaving an embedded picture of their services to buyers, especially during exhibitions. 

Further, to ensure that they properly approved these services, the GNBS has managed to procure a quantity of large-capacity test masses and an additional test truck to verify large capacity scales in sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing and transport.

This is to ensure transparency and accuracy, especially in the rice industry.

GNBS, through its Business Development Department has been facilitating training and courses, to help these said businesses and individuals to respond to any changes that may occur, and to also help them to be up-to-date with Guyana’s rapidly transforming economy.

Since these services are new to the country, GNBS has been aiming to decentralise them. So far, sub-offices were opened in Regions One, Five and Nine, with verification and product monitoring services being offered.