GNBS to develop ‘Safe To Work’ certification for energy sector


  • will use Trinidad model as a guide

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) in collaboration with the Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago today hosted the first stakeholder consultation on the Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) requirements for the energy sector.

According to the Director of GNBS, Candelle Walcott-Bostwick the discussion has three main objectives which are to promote the services of the GNBS to the main operators of the oil and gas sector; to sensitise local businesses on the Safe To Work Trinidad and Tobago (STOW TT) certification project, and to provide a level plane field for contractors to prequalify and to provide services as operators in the oil and gas sector, with specific focus on HSE requirements.

The STOW project is a certification programme to ensure contractors implement the HSE management system. In 2005, the Energy Chamber developed the STOW project proposal identifying the need consensus on the HSE requirements to prequalify service contractors across Trinidad’s energy industry.

Walcott-Bostwick noted the Energy Chamber team from Trinidad was invited to share their experience on the development of the STOW TT scheme and challenges they faced. “It is the only scheme of its kind in the Caribbean region and Guyana can benefit from their experience,” Walcott-Bostwick said.

She added, “in order for local contractors who represent a wide cross-section of products and service providers, to be eligible for consideration by the energy operators they must be adequately certified to the necessary levels of HSE requirements.”

The Director highlighted that the bureau is proposing to be the lead for the articulation of the scheme in Guyana and noted that the implementation of the scheme will boost the local energy sector.

Currently, there is no local programme to certify operators on HSE requirements in Guyana.

The session was deemed relevant by stakeholders since it will guide local businesses that intend to offer services in the oil and gas sector.

By: Crystal Stoll.

Image: Jules Gibson.