Go-Invest rolls out nationwide outreach

─ meets local businesses in Region Six

The Guyana Office for Investment (Go-Invest) on Wednesday started the first of several outreaches planned across the country to promote the Government’s investment plans.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. Peter Ramsaroop said they are also looking at the work the local business community is doing, while presenting more opportunities for investment.

CEO of the Guyana Office for Investment, Dr. Peter Ramsaroop speaking at a town hall meeting in Region Six, Wednesday

Go-Invest commenced the outreach in the East Berbice-Corentyne (Region Six), where a town hall meeting with over 50 businessowners was held.

The group expressed interest in areas such as the development of the cattle industry, dairy plant, agro processing and the expansion of aqua-farming.

Dr. Ramsaroop encouraged them to develop their business plans and work with his office to access incentives.

The CEO also addressed the recently passed 2021 National Budget, which includes benefits for the private sector.

Wednesday’s outreach was also geared at encouraging the private sector to take hold of opportunities made available by the Government, and capitalising on the incentives in the agriculture, manufacturing and tourism and hospitality sectors.

Meanwhile, the GO-Invest team met the Proprietor of Nand Persaud Company Limited, Mr. Mohindra Persaud, who provided a guided tour of his facility. The plastic manufacturing plant produces items including disposable cups, plates and bags.

Mr. Persaud said the next phase of development would see them producing plastic cutlery.

The team also toured the Ronald Arjune & Son Aqua Enterprise facility which covers 300 acres of cultivated land, with 175 acres of ponds. The company plans to develop a packaging and processing facility, in line with President, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali’s vision of rapid expansion in the aquaculture industry.

The team also met the Upper Corentyne Chamber of Commerce earlier in the day to discuss similar issues. 

Local businessmen at the Region Six investment outreach by Go-Invest on Wednesday

The team also met the Regional Chairman, Regional Executive Officer, Acting Mayor of New Amsterdam and Mayor of Corriverton.

Today, Dr. Ramsaroop told DPI, “We want them to expand their businesses and give them information of the investment opportunities available.”

GO-Invest will also use the opportunity to conduct a gap analysis to see what investment opportunities could be derived from the various sectors.

Other areas discussed included the infrastructural development plans for the Region, including housing, shore-based ports, the deepwater harbour, the bridging of the Corentyne River and access to farmland roads.