Gov’t committed to strengthening audit office to ensure transparency, accountability – Min. Edghill

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill, on Monday, said the PPP/C administration remains committed to strengthening the audit office to ensure transparency, accountability, and good governance.  

The minister was at the time supporting a motion in the National Assembly, to increase the manning level by an additional three engineers in the Works and Structures Division within the Audit Office of Guyana.

The proposal for the increase was made by the Auditor General, given the critical role of the Works and Structures Division.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill

The increase in the number and complexity of infrastructural projects being executed across the country presented the need for additional staff to execute the duties of the Audit Office.  

Minister Edghill reminded the House that, in the interest of accountability and transparency, it was this government that put legislation in place to strengthen the independence of the auditor general’s office.

This legislation ensures that the auditor general is not subject to the authority, direction, or control of the executive.

“It was also under the PPP/C administration that sufficient funding for staffing of the audit office to scrutinise the public accounts of Guyana was facilitated. What is important is that, in the support of this motion, it is exactly what the auditor general asked for that he is getting,” the minister highlighted.  

He noted that the increase in expenditure speaks to the extent of the government’s continued efforts to bring development to the people of Guyana.

“It means that we are doing more for the people of Guyana. We in the PPP/C want the auditor general to have the capacity to put out reports as it relates to quality and everything else so that they will answer this continuing diatribe and narrative about discrimination.

“In whatever way we can support transparency, improving the levels of accountability to ensure that we have good governance and value for money, we are committed to doing that, and we will not play politics with such serious issues,” the public works minister reaffirmed.

The auditor general’s office, established by Article 223 of the Constitution of Guyana, is responsible for the auditing of public accounts of Guyana, all officers and authorities of the Government of Guyana, including the Commissions established by the Constitution, the accounts of the Clerk of the National Assembly and of all Courts in Guyana.