Gov’t exploring end of July to replace DHB ‘span nine’

The government is exploring the possibility of replacing the $1.2 billion Demerara Harbour Bridge’s (DHB) ‘span nine’ by the end of July.

DHB’s General Manager, Wayne Watson on Wednesday told the Department of Public Information (DPI), that the recommended replacement time for span nine based on the tide is between July 24 to 29.

Watson noted that the final approval from the ministerial level is still pending.

However, preparations are well underway, with all other necessary components in place and the loading process already in progress.

Further, Watson is urging commuters and residents to support this endeavour, while awaiting official approval.  

General Manager of the Demerara Harbour Bridge, Wayne Watson

“We are going to be asking the commuters to support this venture for us to take out the old span, so the bridge could be a little more operational in terms of retraction, and also the width of the channel will be restored to its original dimension,” he said.  

The successful execution of this project requires cooperation and understanding from citizens as it may cause temporary disruptions in regular commuting patterns.

Span nine being transported to its mooring location south of the DHB

Meanwhile, the replacement of span nine will improve the bridge’s retractability, thereby ensuring smoother navigation for vessels passing through.

The logistics for the replacement project is also being meticulously planned to ensure a smooth transition, as the groundwork is being laid for the forthcoming construction phase as trucks unload the necessary materials onto the storage area.

The government recognises the significance of efficient execution and is committed to minimising any disruptions caused during this critical stage.