‘Govt has delivered, gets grade ‘A’ – Parishara residents

— “I see more development, and it is better for my children”

— Coalition Govt gets “Grade A” for transformational development that took place in just four years compared to 23 years

DPI, Guyana, Sunday, November 24, 2019

The residents of Parishara Village in Region 9 have expressed their confidence in the Coalition Government. They made their views known during a community meeting with Minister within the Ministry of Communities, Hon. Annette Ferguson.

Resident, Mitzy John remarked that her confidence in the administration is based on the fact that they have delivered on their promises. John noted the benefits that have accrued as a result of the government’s Five Bs programme.

She opined that her children will excel due to the development realised under the Coalition Government. “I see more development, and it is better for my children. It is not for me; it is for my children, so the government is doing good.”

John also cited the improved connectivity through the three radio stations in the region. “I put on my radio every day to hear what the president is saying, so it is better for me and my children.”

Senior councillor, Roy Andrew said that he would give the government a “Grade A.” This, he said, is based on the transformational development that took place in just four years compared to 23 years under the previous administration.

“During those four years, a lot of development happened. They fulfilled most of their promises, and now, here in Parishara we have internet service, we have water, and we have a big road linkage project passing through here… this is big development happening, and I would give them an ‘A’ for it.”

Minister Ferguson, in remarks, noted that “the good life is when we can see our community moving from one step to another.”

She highlighted that more children are given the opportunity to attend school, young people are exposed to skills training, and more women’s group have been established in the hinterland.

“We want to empower you and have started in that positive way,” Minister Ferguson stated. Making the government’s position crystal clear, Minister Ferguson said: “no longer should you be left on the back burner.”

She also highlighted several major plans for the region, including the Moco Moco Hydro Project, the Linden/Lethem road and the upgrading of the Lethem airstrip to an aerodrome.

Residents were also allowed to raise concerns and have one-on-one interaction with the minister.

The meeting was part of government’s effort of connecting with the people at the grassroots level to better serve their needs.