Gov’t looking to advance endoscopic surgery capabilities – Min Anthony

The government has signalled its interest in cross-collaborating with leading experts, practitioners, and researchers from across the Caribbean to advance its human resource capacity to perform endoscopic surgeries.

This was expressed by Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony at the 11th Annual Scientific Conference organised by the Caribbean Society of Endoscopic Surgeons (CaSES)] on Friday. He commended the organisation for putting together the conference.

Endoscopic surgery is performed using a scope, and a flexible tube with a camera and light to see inside your colon and perform procedures without making major incisions.

It also allows for easier recovery time and less discomfort for the patient.
Only 20 surgeons in Guyana are proficient in conducting these types of surgeries, the minister relayed.

“If we can work on a programme where people with the know-how, experts can come in and work with us whether it’s for six months, a year, whatever it is so that we can lift the skills of the colleagues,”
he articulated.

Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony delivered the feature address on day two of the 11th Annual Scientific Conference organised by the Caribbean Society of Endoscopic Surgeons (CaSES)

Dr Anthony added, “If we can do that, I think we would see a region where we can do a lot more endoscopic surgery. I think this is something that we’re willing to explore because I think it will make a big difference and help us to make that paradigm shift from the regular types of surgeries.

The health minister added that with the construction of new hospitals in each region, the equipment needed for these types of surgeries will be installed at these modern facilities.

Even as health infrastructure is being modernised, the ministry is also emphasising the development of its human resources.

Dr. Anthony emphasised, “We’ll be improving hospital facilities and we have a minimum set of things that each of those hospitals would have, including the surgical suites are properly equipped.”

Meanwhile, President of CaSES, Dr. Wesley Francis said the organisation aims to promote minimally invasive surgery throughout the entire Caribbean region.

“By doing so, we aim to usher in an era of healthcare excellence, efficiency, and improved patient outcomes. Minimal invasive surgeries offer a paradigm shift, enhancing patient care, reducing recovery times and optimising the utilisation of healthcare resources,” he stated.

This year’s conference is themed Innovations in Endoscopic Surgery: Shaping the Future. The conference aims to foster collaboration, share cutting-edge advancements, and promote best practices in minimally invasive surgical techniques.

On day one of the conference, four minimally invasive laparoscopic surgeries were performed by renowned regional surgeons/professors from the Caribbean Association of Endoscopic Surgeons (CaSES).