Govt not involved in GECOM’s hiring -President Granger

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-to meet with Opposition leader for appointment of Commission heads 

DPI, GUYANA, Wednesday, June 6, 2018

President David Granger has said the government plays no role in hiring GECOM staff.

The Head of State’s statement was made on the sidelines of a State House event today and comes amidst the opposition’s claims of ethnic imbalance.

Addressing the issue President Granger told reporters, “The executive branch of government has nothing to do with recruiting procedures,” noting that GECOM is an autonomous institution. He added, “They will be following normal practices and having persons who are qualified to hold positions in that commission”.

The President further added that neither he or any member of his government “is party to the selection process.”

A statutory meeting of GECOM was adjourned following a standoff between the Chairman (rtd.) Justice James Patterson and Opposition GECOM Commissioner, Robeson Benn. Benn alleged that there was bias in the ethnic composition of the high-level staff at the GECOM Secretariat.

Commissioner Vincent Alexander briefing the media yesterday explained that the body hires based “on merit, not race.” He stated, “GECOM’s approach to appointment is one of mediocrity and if you cannot change from mediocrity to something else then you have to make a concrete rational proposal to create that change. That has not been done.”

GECOM is the entity responsible for the administration and conduct of elections.

Additionally, President Granger said he is awaiting a list from Parliament containing the names of persons selected to be the Acting Chancellor, Chief Justice and Commissioner of some other agencies.

President Granger explained that, so far, he has acted within the country’s constitution, “I am required by the constitution to do certain things and I have obeyed the constitution in every regard.”

By: Zanneel Williams.

Images: Keno George and Jules Gibson.