Greater inter-agency collaboration needed – Minister Edghill  

-following multiple reports of undermining of No.58 Farm to Market Road

Following up on several reports of undermining on both sides of the No. 58 Farm to Market Road, Public Works Minister, Bishop Juan Edghill on Friday morning conducted a visit to the site.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill

Addressing the media, the minister highlighted the poor execution of the clearing of the drains flanking the road, stressing the need for greater collaboration at the inter-agency level. 

The minister also inspected ongoing works on the bridge across the Seaforth canal

He noted, “I may have to raise this at a higher level, because this is a lack of inter-agency engagement. This road was built with a particular design, and we had to build this road to avoid slippage. We had to ensure that the shoulders are adequate.

“There is also the need for a conversation at the technical level. When the contractors are engaged, they must know what they are doing, and not just do what they want to do. In the digging of these drains, they will negatively affect the road.”

Minister Edghill further noted that interventions would have to be made and measures put in place to prevent reccurrences.

Minister Edghill’s visit to the area comes after several reports of undermining

“When we spend money, other agencies coming behind must consult and engage on the design to ensure that they are not breaking what we have built,” he added.

The $64 million farm-to-market road at Number 58 Village has opened up new lands for farming, and improved accessibility.

The project was awarded to GuyAmerica Construction Company in October 2021. The 20 feet wide road started from Number 58 Village Public Road to Seaforth Canal, spanning some 6.4 kilometres.

A section of the No. 58 Village Farm to Market Access Road

The minister also inspected the ongoing construction of the bridge across the Seaforth canal. Another bridge is to be constructed across the Fowler canal, linking the Corentyne to Canje. 

He said  in addition to enhancing the livelihoods of farmers in the area, the project will promote further advancement in reducing the region’s large food import bill by 25 per cent by 2025.