GTA partners with Rainforest Tours to launch four safari tours

The Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) partnered with Rainforest Tours to launch four safari tours this year.

Guyana has been focusing on building out its adventure tourism product in collaboration with the private sector.

(LEFT TO RIGHT)- GBI Marketing Manager, Fharis Hamid, GUYOIL General Manager, Molly Hassan, GTA Director Kamrul Baksh and Rainforest Tours Managing Director, Frank Singh

Rainforest Tours is a key part of this effort, as it allows visitors through its Safari packages to experience the natural beauty of the country while supporting local communities and businesses.

At the launch on Monday, GTA Director Kamrul Baksh reaffirmed the government’s commitment and support to Rainforest Tours as it continues to display Guyana’s incredible biodiversity and rich cultures.

“We, of course, will support Rainforest Tours and our partners in ensuring the promotion and the mileage is given to the safaris and of course, the safari forms part of the important adventure tourism product that we are trying to build out with the private sector like Rainforest Tours and others. They have basically shown in a nutshell much of the tourism product as it importantly passes through all of the geographical regions, indigenous communities and very scenic landscapes throughout the length and breadth of Guyana,” the director said.

The launch will see the return of the Moraikobai Safari for the fifth year which is set to begin from February 23to 26.

The North Pakaraimas Safari will commence from April 1 to 8 and the South Rupununi Safari will begin in November from the 23 to 28 for the eleventh year.

Newly on board is the Mahdia to Bartica safari which will be on stream from August 17 to the 21.

During the presentation, GUYOIL General Manager, Molly Hassan declared that the company will continue its 17-year-long partnership with the travel agency.

Today GUYOIL is very pleased to have been in support and standing behind the management and participants of the Safari 2023 Georgetown to Orinduik segment. For the past 17 years GUYOIL has stood behind the management and we here today to reaffirm that we will be there again this year,” she said.

Similarly, Guyana Beverages Inc (GBI) also assured their continued support for the second year.

“Guyana is a beautiful country and we have all experienced that and it is time for us to continue to showcase what we have in collaboration with the Guyana Tourism Authority… We are very happy and proud to be a part of this initiative and we are looking to support more initiatives similar in this nature,” GBI Marketing Manager, Fharis Hamid stated.

Each safari trip provides an ideal opportunity for persons to experience the outdoors and have fun and adventure while crossing rugged mountain terrain, rivers or waterfalls. Interested persons can contact representatives from Rainforest Tours via website or visit the headquarters on 18 Craig Street, Georgetown.