GTT Reduces Pricing for Select Corporate Broadband Services In Support of Local Businesses

Georgetown, GUYANA; April 28, 2020 – GTT has lowered its prices for select broadband services for its corporate customers to assist them in managing and optimizing their operations during and after COVID-19. This adjustment will range from upgraded data speeds to extending its corporate broadband services at significantly reduced costs.

CEO Justin Nedd said the intent is to provide both technical and financial assistance for businesses as a direct response to the threat posed to the survival of companies during and after this global pandemic.

“We have said that we are in this together.  Internationally and regionally, companies are facing the same business continuity challenges, in terms of providing a consistent quality of service to its customers, keeping staff employed, coping with reduced demand, and so on. Businesses have had to adjust to a new normal in a very short space of time, and in Guyana, we would like to ensure that we do our best to ensure that our customers are able to traverse this difficult period as best as possible’,” Nedd explained.

“We appreciate that in meeting the needs of corporate customers, their individual needs will differ.  As such, our team have been and will continue to reach out to our customers so that their individual needs are met and that their staff and business remains connected and able to service their stakeholders during this time,” Nedd said.

GTT also recently announced free mobile services for doctors and nurses, as well as its ‘2for2’ ongoing promotion as part of the company’s response of keeping its customers  connected during the COVID-19 pandemic.