Guyana Action Party GAP’s statement of full confidence in the Coalition Government

The Guyana Action Party (GAP) wishes all to know that we are in full support of the APNU+AFC Government as it faces the PPP/C’s naked and futile quest for power.

It is sad to note that the PPP/C became emboldened to make this challenge when His Excellency President David Granger became ill.

GAP wishes to express sincere gratitude to The President for his vision to put the hinterland of Guyana on equal footing with the coastal areas and wish him a speedy recovery.

We are pleased that in a short period of three years that we have been blessed with radio stations in Lethem, Aishalton, Mabaruma, Bartica, Mahdia and Orealla. This has brought about a positive wave of true democracy. Today we not only know what is happening in Guyana and the world at large but we feel that we are now interwoven into the Guyanese fabric.

Our youth, via the Hinterland Youth Entrepreneurial Services (HEYS), have been afforded life improvement opportunities. Many of them now manage their own businesses. We are pleased that further assistance has been given to them in this year’s national budget.

We are also satisfied that our senior citizens are now receiving improved old age pensions and we are positive that more will be granted to them in the near future.

Today the Indigenous peoples are participating in the nation’s affairs. Our Toshaos are now elected on the pillar of meritocracy and not on their affiliation to any political party. Our National Toshaos’ Council (NTC) is executing its mandate without undue interference by others. The NTC’s annual conference is managed by the elected leaders and supported by the Government.

We note that the Local Government Elections have become institutionalised in Guyana. Now we can elect our leaders to represent and serve us. With the formation of hinterland towns, a burst of development has begun. Hinterland roads are being improved, Lethem is about to get a four-lane asphaltic road, services such as the acquisition of passports and birth certificates will soon be available to us in the hinterland with the construction of offices to deliver these services.

Transformational projects are on the horizon. Some of these include a highway from Linden to Lethem, a bridge over the Essequibo River at the Fairview Crossing.  The Lethem airstrip will soon be developed into a modern airport. A modern abattoir is also in the pipeline. These developments will create jobs and opportunities for us and our children.

With 2020 and the coming of oil, we need APNU+AFC under the stewardship of President David Granger, to continue to preside, so as to allow all of Guyana, including the Hinterland, to continue progressing. Guyana is on an exciting road to becoming a positive model for others to emulate. There certainly is a good life for us on the horizon.  Within three years the APNU+AFC Government has accomplished more positive developments than the PPP in its 23 years in Government.


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