‘Guyana is the land of opportunity’ – outgoing US Ambassador

As Guyana experiences substantial progress across its various sectors, the outgoing United States Ambassador to Guyana, Sarah Ann-Lynch, believes that the rapidly developing nation offers compelling investment opportunities for other countries.

Ambassador Lynch shared these sentiments during a recent interview with the Department of Public Information (DPI), as she highlighted strategic improvements during her tenure on Guyana’s soil. 

United States Ambassador to Guyana, Sarah Ann-Lynch

Describing the country’s development as ‘moving fast and furious,’ Lynch disclosed that one of her major goals is to educate US investors on the country and the plethora of opportunities that exist.

“Right now, Guyana is the land of opportunity because there are so many options for investors and not just in oil and gas but across other sectors, and I know that Guyana knows how important to diversify the economy,” Lynch stated.

Overhead shot of Georgetown

The US ambassador commended the government for its massive investment in the tourism, health, education, and information technology (IT) sectors.

She alluded to US companies that have already made their mark in the country, noting that they are bringing US ingenuity to Guyana, while also learning about many of Guyana’s unique practices from skilled men and women.

“I am really promoting Guyana as a place for investors to explore, for them to take a look, and do their homework and let them make their own decisions,” Ambassador Lynch told DPI.

Ongoing construction on the new Demerara Harbour Bridge

While encouraging Guyanese to get involved in local development and transformation, Lynch added that works have already started to address all areas where there are investment barriers. 

The outgoing US ambassador was confirmed to Guyana in 2019 and has since helped in various developmental projects, and donations, and even interacted with the citizens, while creating meaningful relationships.