GWI collaborates with Village Councils to install distribution network for Brazilian-drilled wells

Friday, February 08, 2019 – Georgetown, Guyana: Residents of Deep South Rupununi, Region 9, will now have continuous access to potable water, following the signing of agreements between GWI and village councils for the installation of distribution networks.

These networks are to be connected to their existing community wells and more specifically, those recently drilled by the Brazilian Army in collaboration with the Guyana Government.

The newly drilled wells are expected to alleviate the struggles faced during the dry season, which lasts from October to March, as well as provide increased access to potable water.

Managing Director, Dr. Richard Van West-Charles and a team of GWI officials on Tuesday travelled to a number of communities that will be served by the new wells. There, they engaged the village councils and residents, as well as to entered into agreements for the installation of the pipelines.

As part of the agreements per village, community members will be employed to conduct the works under the directive of GWI.

Agreements were signed with village councils of the following communities on Tuesday, February 5.  This marks the first phase for the installation of the water distribution network, which will be connected to the newly drilled wells. GWI has also committed to undertaking a number of tasks to improve the water supply system in the villages.

Village Actions agreed to
Achawib Upgrade solar panels to sufficiently power pumps, service and pump test community well, install pipe mains and 28 new service  connections, Test and monitor water quality, liaise with RDC to repair sanitary block
Karaudarnau Assess functionality of existing well to connect same to newly drilled well, install pipe mains and 200 new service connections, upgrade solar panels and install additional pumps, test and monitor water quality
Aishalton, Awarewauna, Churikadnao and Maruranau Upgrade solar panels to increase capacity to pump, Connect existing well to new well

GWI will be signing agreements with the village councils of Baishaidrun and Shea to undertake similar projects in the near future.

The water utility will be providing the pipes, fittings and other materials necessary to complete the tasks assigned.


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