Housing ministry continuously looking to develop new areas

The Housing and Water ministry will continue its drive to provide house lots for Guyanese by continuously conducting assessments and monitoring the demand.

In a recent interview, Minister, Collin Croal noted that Region Four has the greatest number of pending applications.

Housing development on the East Bank of Demerara

“When you look at Region Four, the reality is Region four at some point in time will become saturated because you have competing interests for Region Four too, it’s not just about land for homeownership, but also for commercial interest, for industrial interest so, we have to cater, we have to have that balance,” Minister Croal said.

He noted that the East Bank corridor has been doing a lot of commercial activities given its proximity to the ports.

“This year the East Coast of Demarara can expect more allocations, so it’s a work in progress, Region Six for example, the previous period we have worked on the [No.] 75 ,76 area, Ordnance Fortland, some we are doing the houses, and then we have the Williamsburg, Hampshire, we are looking for more land closer to New Amsterdam probably like Glasgow etc,” the minister added.

Region Three is also one of the areas that has a huge demand, only last year there were approximately 1,400 pending applications.

“We are looking at new areas to open up for Region Three too we have addressed on the West Coast, so we have more lands that we will develop on the West Coast but we are also looking for example at Wales on the West Bank, so availability of land plays an important role too of how we can respond,” Minister Croal said.

Among the plans for development in several areas, the Moleson creek area will be developed into a community in Region Six.

The planning department of the ministry is continuously strategising and working, taking into consideration the government’s plan for the future.


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