Increase in vaccine uptake over the last few days – Dr. Anthony

Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony, MP, says there has been an increase in the number of persons people taking the COVID-19 vaccines.

The Minister made this disclosure during Wednesday’s COVID-19 update.

“Over the last day we have seen some interesting movements in people coming out to get their first dose.

“We have had more than 1,900 persons coming out at our various sites to get their first vaccine, that is significant improvement from the day before. So, I want to encourage persons to continue to come out and get their first dose.”

When DPI visited the vaccination site at the Ministry, scores of persons were waiting to take their jabs.

Persons waiting to receive their COVID-19 vaccines at the Ministry of Health

In an invited comment, several persons told DPI that they are complying with the recent gazetted COVID-19 measures.

Mr. Christopher Deodat said he thought it best to take his vaccine as more places are reopening.

“A lot of restaurants and companies not only here in Guyana but around the entire world, require the coronavirus prevention vaccination passport in order to dine in, eat at restaurants and be employed… I would encourage others to take it as well,” he said.

Mr. Christopher Deodat

Mr. Seon Skeete, a public transportation operator, said he took his first dose of the Sputnik V vaccine to ensure both himself and passengers were protected.

“I have to work my minibus and they say if I didn’t take the vaccine, I cannot operate…if you really want to achieve your daily bread, take the vaccine.”

Mr. Seon Skeete

Several other persons said they took the vaccine to protect themselves.

Mr. Hemming Pitt said since he travels frequently, it was important that he got vaccinated to “minimise the risk of having COVID-19.”

Mr. Hemming Pitt

Ms. Melissa Cornelius, 38, said: “The reason why I took the vaccine is to at least shield myself from COVID-19. I know we can still be infected but at least I know I won’t be in a serious position if I should get COVID.”

Ms. Melissa Cornelius

Minister Anthon has said there are enough vaccines for the country’s adult population and he encourages the public to get inoculated. To date, 254,883 persons have received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine while 142,114 persons are fully vaccinated.