Isseneru receives tractor to aid agriculture production

Isseneru is the latest village to benefit from a tractor under the Government’s initiative to equip Amerindian villages with the machinery to expand agriculture.

Government Member of Parliament representing Region Seven, Cuyuni-Mazaruni, Lee Williams and Parliamentary Secretary, Sarah Brown travel, travelled to the Middle Mazaruni, Region Seven, Cuyuni-Mazaruni on Saturday, to make the presentation to the village.

Toshao of Isseneru, Dhaness Larson cuts the ribbon in the presence of MP Lee and Parliamentary Secretary Sarah Brown

Toshao of Isseneru, Dhaness Larson said the tractor which is equipped with a trailer, will provide great relief to farmers in the village.

“I would like to thank the Ministry of Agriculture and the Government as a whole for bringing a tractor into our village and it will be very useful for us in doing many things in our village to assist us in doing our community work. It was very difficult for us that is why we requested a tractor.”

Parliamentary Secretary Brown noted that the tractor is part of the fleet of 112, that the government purchased to satisfy the economic needs of Amerindian communities.

The tractor delivered to Isseneru by the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs

“While the tractor is basically for agriculture purposes it isn’t limited to that. Depending on the needs of the village, if there are things like lumbering, transportation it can help and whatever the village council sees fit for the tractor be used for,” Brown added.

She stated that government sees it necessary, to continue supporting Amerindian and hinterland communities due to the challenges they face, unlike the residents on the coast.

Parliamentary Secretary Sarah Brown presents a toy to child

Brown affirmed that the PPP/C government will continue its plan of developing such areas, as they continue to pursue their mantra of ‘One Guyana.’

Meanwhile, the travelling team also delivered toys to more than 70 children in Isseneru. Brown and Williams also commissioned the school canteen which will provide meals to the students.