Joint Services begin training ahead of LGE 2023

As the 2023 Local Government Elections draw closer, members of the joint services have begun training sessions to better handle any situation that might arise during the period.

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) in a press release on Wednesday, noted that members of the Joint Services Training Committee conducted a Command Post Exercise 1/2023 at the Police Officers’ Mess, Police Headquarters, Eve Leary, signalling the commencement of the training sessions.

The release said possible scenarios will be discussed and tested in Regional Police Division 4 A (Georgetown), B (East Coast Demerara), and C(East Bank Demerara).

Members of the public are being advised to not be alarmed by increased joint services presence in various regions.

Among those present were Assistant Commissioner Simon McBean, Commander 4A; Assistant Commissioner Khali Pareshram, Commander 4C; Senior Superintendent Mahendra Singh, Commander 4B and Deputy Director of Prisons (ag), Kevin Pilgrim.

Members of the Joint Services who are participating in the training exercise

On June 12, eligible voters will exercise their constitutional right to cast their ballot for representatives within the nation’s 10 municipalities and 70 Neighbourhood Democratic Councils.

LGEs are necessary for the appointment of persons in charge of local democratic organs.

Local democratic organs which include NDCs and municipalities provide a link between the central government and communities.

They are responsible for assessing the needs of residents and ensuring development at the community level.

This includes implementing and enforcing local laws such as building codes, zoning regulations, and business licensing requirements, maintaining roads and public spaces, and waste management, among others.

LGEs are therefore important, as they allow citizens to have a direct say in who will represent them and make decisions on their behalf at the local level. It also gives citizens a voice in shaping the policies and priorities of their community and ensures that local government officials are held responsible by their constituents.