Karasabai youth creating jobs

DPI Guyana, Friday May 18, 2018

Marlon James, Karasabai Youth Council representative (Image by: Jameel Mohammed)

In keeping with the President’s message of entrepreneurship and job creation, youths in Indigenous settlement of Karasabai, in the Rupinuni West are investing in their skills and resources to further their community’s development.

Karasabai’s Youth Council representative Marlon James, told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that residents are investing in several businesses.

“We have peanut farming. We have cassava processing that’s into farine and cassava bread, and also cassareep and we also have cattle rearing, and we intend to embark on poultry rearing”, he said.

Marlon said he represents the people and youths of Karasabai and is dedicated to youth empowerment and for community development. He added that he is actively engaging his community members in business initiatives and projects. He noted, “These projects will generate revenue for the people and create employment opportunities for youths.”

According to Joseph, upon leaving school, the youths in Karasabai do not have adequate employment opportunities.

“So far, we are progressing and what we are looking to collaborate with different agencies, ministries especially the Small Business Bureau (SSB) and IPED [Institute of Private Development], you know to see if we can have funding and financing for this project”

This new initiative has since seen more available markets in Georgetown for the community’s peanuts.

By Nateshia Isaacs