Labour ministry aims to promote OSH awareness beyond the workplace

The Ministry of Labour is endeavouring to broaden the scope of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) beyond the confines of workplaces by promoting awareness on its significance in homes.

To commemorate OSH month 2023, the ministry hosted a walk on Sunday.  

This year’s celebration is themed, “A Safe and Healthy Working Environment is a Fundamental Principal and Right at Work.”

Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton during the annual occupational safety and health walk

During the exercise, Minister, Joseph Hamilton reiterated the importance of OSH and the need for ongoing efforts to promote a conducive working environment.

“All we are attempting to do is ensure that when someone leaves to go to work, they return to their families the way they left and that is what this is all about,”the labour minister stated.

Occupational Safety and Health Walk 2023

The minister expressed hope that the conversation on OSH continues beyond this month and become a permanent fixture in the public consciousness.

To this end, the ministry has outlined other activities planned for this month, including additional walks in all ten regions.

Occupational Safety and Health Walk 2023

Meanwhile, Minister Hamilton highlighted plans to focus on specific industries where OSH concerns are acute, such as mining, construction, and agriculture.

He also emphasised the need for ongoing support from all sections of society to ensure that progress is made in promoting a safe working environment for all.

The walk commenced at 6:00 am at the ministry’s Brickdam headquarters and saw the participation of several stakeholders.