Leguan residents get improved drainage

GINA, GUYANA, Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Rice farmers and other residents of the Island of Leguan are now benefitting from improved drainage thanks to an intervention by the Regional Democratic Council, (RDC) of Region Three.

During the flood in December 2016, several communities in Region Three were affected, including Leguan.  Regional Engineer, Joseph Patterson told the Government Information Agency (GINA) that this caused several drains in Waterloo village in Leguan to be clogged and blocked, disrupting farming activities, especially rice g which is the main economic activity on the Island.

Regional Engineer, Region Three, Joseph Patterson

Patterson explained to GINA that the RDC took the initiative to repair the sluice in the area to prevent a recurrence. “This was one of the issues that the Leguan people were facing; they weren’t getting proper drainage because the door of the sluice in Waterloo was not functioning properly so late last year the administration used its savings to do repairs to the sluice.”

The Regional Engineer noted that the area was not included in the Region’s 2016 agricultural programme, but due to the state of the drainage in the community, the repairs had to be included.

Patterson pointed out to GINA that the sluice’s door was repaired, the winches were replaced and there were new wire ropes installed. He said the residents in Waterloo are relieved and can now farm with ease. “We had to treat the works as emergency works so that the residents can get proper drainage. So the people of Leguan, mainly Waterloo, are now getting to go about their daily routine more smoothly.”

The works were done at a cost of $2.2M and the Region has plans to improve drainage in other areas on the Island this year, Paterson said. He noted that there will be another drainage structure in Eastern Endeavour which will cost $5M. Tenders for these works have been advertised already.

Patterson also highlighted all the agricultural works undertaken are being done under the region’s agricultural development programme.

By: Ranetta La Fleur