Linden businessman pushes ‘green’ agenda

DPI, Guyana, Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Pioneering Linden businessman and owner of Fredco photo studios and FRENERGY, Norville Fredericks is encouraging the switch to solar energy in the mining town; in keeping with government’s ‘green’ economy. Fredericks has been credited with the introduction of the Linden Town Day, polyglass, and Italian ice cream to Linden.

Owner of FRENERGY, Norville Fredericks.

“It is inevitable that the electricity rates are going to go up in Linden because I don’t think the subsidies are going to continue forever,” Fredericks said

The businessman, who sells solar-powered devices under the brand, FRENERGY, told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that he imports all of the systems he sells. According to Fredericks, residents are slowly adapting to the idea of solar power in their homes.

“The persons who are now squatting in unelectrified areas, those are the persons who are desperately in need of electricity.  Whether it is lighting, just to have a fridge to keep their supplies., or a little music to occupy themselves. Those are the persons who are coming forward slowly seeking solar.”

The businessman says he has also tendered and received works from the Regional Democratic Council, Region 10, as it moves to embrace the ‘green’ energy.

“With the ‘green’ energy department, I get small enough contracts from the Region …  I have other small customers around who are coming in for the little things that we have. From external and internal lighting systems to systems for those persons who live in the unelectrified areas, that keeps their phones charged,” Fredericks pointed out.

According to the businessman, his interest in solar power began more than a decade ago even as he operated the Fredco photo studios.

“It is something I have been researching for over fifteen years. The first time I was able to find a plug and play device, where everything was hooked up and a granny could plug it up, was twelve to fifteen years ago and the price for a 40 watts system was much more than what you can get maybe a 1000-watt system for today. So, it is something that I had interest in for a very long time. At that time, it was unaffordable; it’s a little bit more affordable at this time,” he said.

The ‘greening’ of Guyana is a goal, which forms a major part of President David Granger’s Green State Development Strategy. The strategy involves the promotion of the sustainable exploitation of our natural resources, the establishment of a good solid waste management programme, the promotion of sustainable energy through the introduction of solar farms, wind, and hydro-powered electricity, the promotion of the ecological integrity of our forests and the implementation of ‘green’ technologies.


By: Kidackie Amsterdam


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